From the Mines is an international wholesale distribution company for crystals and minerals. We currently hold mining contracts in Brazil,Morocco, India, Uruguay, Bolivia, Madagascar, Congo and Peru.


Since our humble beginnings the mission has remained the same; to supply our valued clientele with the best quality crystals and minerals in the world. With direct sourcing as our standard it has allowed for FTM to offer the most competitive pound for pound pricing on the market.


Given the ability to source and manufacture material upwards of 100,000 kilograms per month our arms have extended to thousands of dealers across the world. Currently we offer supply to wholesalers, retailers, supply chains, online dealers, trade show dealers, interior designers, hotels, restaurants, museums, spas, holistic practitioners, metaphysical centers and exclusive private collectors.


With the highest of standards FTM has a dedicated team of consummate professionals ready to assist the needs of any and all clientele alike. Our desire to see our patrons succeed is at the top of our priorities and we will happily go out of our way to see that happen.

- Meet the Owner -

Before creating From the Mines I traveled the world working with non profit organizations assisting those in need. Upon one of these excursions I met a gentleman who introduced me to minerals as he himself was a substantial dealer. Eventually it came to pass that my interest in minerals evolved from hobby to habit and so I began importing minerals from several countries on a very small scale. My goal was always to reach the sources and so over time I built relationships with prominent distributors and manufacturers. Soon enough I found myself in the company of miners and my trips to the mines manifested.


Over time I have bought several companies which either mined, manufactured or distributed crystals. Ive also partnered with some of the best in the business to preserve, maintain and restore mines. This has all been made possible because of the support of my family. With my wife Adriana and my brothers Max and Daniel we have built one of the largest wholesale companies in the world. It is my intention every day to continue our growth by finding new ways to diversify the product and see my clients succeed.

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