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From the Mines is a renowned international wholesale distributor specializing in sustainably sourced minerals & fossils. Our services encompass both in-person & virtual shopping experiences, accessible by appointment only. We have a minimum purchase requirement of $300 for jewelry access only & $500 for full warehouse access (excluding shipping costs). If you'd like to explore our diverse selection, kindly complete the form below, & we will promptly provide you with further details regarding your registration & appointment scheduling. We appreciate your interest & we look forward to connecting you with exceptional pieces!

To create a wholesale account with us:


BUSINESSES: Please use the form below to submit either your Sales & Use Tax Certificate or EIN document. If you do not possess a Sales & Use Tax Certificate, you can still make wholesale purchases but must pay applicable sales tax unless your state is exempt. Tax-exempt states include: Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon. Please be aware that EIN or business registration documents do not qualify for tax exemption.

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESSES: International companies require different proof of business. Please email us for more information on international companies.

Once submission is complete, please allow our team 1 - 5 business days to process your registration & contact you with additional information.
*From the Mines reserves the right to change the minimum for purchase at any time.

Upload resale certificate/sellers permit or EIN doc here

Thanks for submitting!

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