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  • Metaphysical properties: In Greek mythology, Amethyst is linked to a tale involving the god Dionysus & a mortal named Amethystos. Pursued by Dionysus, Amethystos sought the protection of the goddess Artemis to remain chaste. Responding to her prayers, Artemis transformed Amethystos into a white stone. Dionysus poured wine over the stone, turning it purple & creating the sobriety gem we now know as Amethyst. Amethyst also symbolizes spiritual wisdom in various cultural contexts.

Amethyst on base

SKU: 65515231
$275.00 Regular Price
$220.00Sale Price

20% OFF

  • Piece with base: 14.5" x 8" 

    Base only: 10" x 4" 1/2

  • 10.92 lb

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