Diversifying material has always been a goal we constantly drive towards. Our selection is tremendous, with over 500 different minerals, forms of stones and novelty. We specialize in shaping and polishing stones into tumbled, free forms, points, shapes and geodes. We directly manufacture beaded bracelets, pendants and other novelty items. And even more so we regularly broker deals to get our clients exactly what they are looking for as we work with many manufacturers all around the world.


Consequently our reach into various mines has allowed us to amass one of the worlds largest collections of high end pieces including the worlds largest citrine free form geode. We take great pride in building and maintaining a standard for quality and uniqueness that we believe is world class. Our warehouse is lined with these pieces and can be seen upon visiting us.

1010 Hoyt Ave. Ridgefield NJ 07657

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1010 Hoyt Ave. Ridgefield NJ 07657